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Our Mission and Goals

To provide the finest in martial arts training while maintaining the longest established academy in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness strives to provide a learning experience that enables the student to improve themselves while teaching the values of discipline and integrity to affect and improve every aspect of their lives. Developing the community outside martial arts is another important aspect of our academy. To learn more about just some of the small ways we contribute, please read about Our Charities.

Who is Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness for?

Neill's Family Taekwondo & Fitness offers individuals the opportunity to:

  • Learn the art of self defense in a safe and encouraging environment.
  • Improve aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility, and focus.
  • Practice sportsmanship, and discipline.
  • Teach fellow students thereby becoming a leader.
  • Have the fun of learning something new to enrich your life.
  • Set goals and master them.
  • Develop your concentration and confidence.

Neill's Family Taekwondo & Fitness offers families and couples the opportunity to:

  • Participate in an exciting, fun activity.
  • Enrich the time you spend together.
  • Enjoy a healthy new community of friends.

In order to welcome everyone into Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness, multiple beginners' classes are offered per day to fit anyone's schedule! Other opportunities for learning include private lessons by appointment. Looking for a great way to start your weekend? Our Saturday Martial Conditioning classes are open to everyone!

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the benefits of martial arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about martial arts, taekwondo, and Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness here. Don't forget to visit the rest of our website to learn about class times, upcoming events, where we're located, and more. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

How do I get started?

All interested parties are welcomed to try our recommended procedure for learning more about the school:

  1. View our schedule and come watch all or part of a class. All classes are open to view by the public.
  2. Make an appointment for your first free introductory class with no obligation.
  3. Attend your free introductory class and school tour. Take home all the membership information in writing to make an informed family decision about becoming a member.

Tell me more about Taekwondo.

Taekwondo (sometimes spelled Tae Kwon Do or Taekwon-do) is a popular martial art originating in Korea. Loosely translated, the name means "the way of kicking and punching". Thus, traditional Taekwondo focuses its defense and attacks on blocking, kicking, and striking with the hands and arms. XMA or eXtreme Martial Arts training is also available at Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness by private lesson only.

Our staff works hard to create a progressive learning environment. Our experienced and friendly instructors strive to make every class fun yet challenging. Lesson plans are carefully arranged with a balance of both traditional and modern training techniques in mind to ensure the best and most effective learning experience for all students.

How safe is it for my child to take Taekwondo at Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness?

We are often asked by concerned parents and prospective students, "is Taekwondo safe?" Yes, when you work at it! We work at safety in every class and at every event!
Since techniques become more sophisticated, students must show proficiency in their current material before progressing to learning new and more complicated material. Further, the basic tenants of honor and respect for others are reinforced in all of our classes. Respecting others reinforces the safety taught. Aggressive behavior is disallowed in our classes and competitions. Instances are severely reprimanded.

We strive to create an environment where children, women, and men can grow in their skills and enjoyment of Taekwondo. To protect our students we have installed over 1,350 square feet of professional 1-inch thick martial arts mats by Zebra Mats, Inc. This enables the students to train like professionals with minimal risk of injury and maximum results. Additionally, protective gear minimally including a molded mouth piece; padded helmet, gloves, and boots; and groin protector for males is required for sparring.

Be sure to let the instructor know if you are uncomfortable with any exercise or aspect of class.

If you have questions about safety that we haven't answered above, we encourage you to come observe a class. We feel certain that you will be pleased with what you observe.

How does my family get to learn more than just kick, punch and block?

The Leadership program is for those committed members who make a tentative plan for achieving their black belts and beyond. Members may select from unlimited classes per week. This elite program will offer extensive training in advanced self defense, demonstration and competition preparation, discounts on events and includes the exclusive red uniform top.

What can I get out of Martial Arts?

Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness strives to create a positive atmosphere for all students, designed to foster individual development. Two of the most common reasons people become interested in martial arts are to become more fit and/or to learn self defense. If you are looking for fitness, martial arts at our school will increase your muscular development, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility. If you are interested in self defense, the martial arts have been designed to be practical and efficient, preparing you for self defense situations. In short: at Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness, you will achieve both these goals and much more. Martial arts is also great for stress relief, self-discipline and self-confidence; and these benefits do not stop at the school door.

What are the specific benefits of Martial Arts for kids?

For kids, training in the martial arts develops confidence and self-discipline in an exciting, fun and safe environment. The belt rank system encourages students to strive for achievement and teaches them to recognize their own success through hard work and perseverance. The kids at Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness progress at their own pace and are not compared to other students. Class is not just about playtime, but it is fun! Students learn conflict resolution skills as well as how to recognize and respond to dangerous situations. Kids who know self defense skills are more assertive and less aggressive. Confident kids are not victims in bullying situations. While other kids are stuck at home after school, watching TV or playing video games, Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness kids are making friends, getting exercise, having fun, and learning lessons that will stay with them throughout their life journey.

All kids who wish to learn are welcomed at Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness, and this includes kids with ADHD. Some parents are apprehensive about starting their ADHD child in a martial arts program because of impulsivity and aggression that sometimes accompanies the condition. But the truth is that martial arts can be one of the most enjoyable and constructive physical activities for kids with ADHD. Parents often discover that the structure, rituals, and rules of martial arts classes at Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness encourage kids to focus their energy beneficially, while still leaving room for their creativity to blossom. All classes at Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness are staffed and monitored by experienced and thoughtful instructors. No student is allowed to practice a technique until the instructor is satisfied that he or she is able to stop, listen, and think first.

What are the specific benefits of Martial Arts for adults?

For adults, martial arts training has many of the same benefits listed in the kids' section. Besides the fitness and self defense benefits discussed above, many adults love the stress relief that regular training provides. Going on a vacation is great, but most of us can only find time once or twice a year. Each workout at Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness is like a mini-vacation! Stress builds up consistently - every week. So release it every week by working off excess energy and tension in class. The more internal aspects of martial arts such as introspection, focus, getting to know your body and paying attention to breathing will infiltrate all aspects of your life, encouraging your personal growth. Your training partners are just that: partners, not opponents. Our fun, thorough and safe atmosphere encourages cooperative participation while you learn and have a great time. Guaranteed to be more interesting and exciting than a visit to the gym, martial arts training will give you more motivation to keep it up!

Should I attend class if I am sick?

The Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness policy on sick students is stay home and recuperate! This is to protect other students from illness and to protect yourself from exhaustion. We will welcome you back to class as soon as you are feeling better!

What is your Inclement Weather Policy?

To ensure the safety of all our students, instructors and families, Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness will follow Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools' Inclement Weather Policy regarding the closing of classes. If the schools are closed, we are too!

How do I pay my tuition?

We do in house billing, so you can take your tuition payment to your instructor or EFT with Professional Payment Systems.

What is Martial Conditioning?

Each Wednesday and Friday evening, Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness invites all students as well as non-student friends, family, neighbors, and community members to join us in a fun, energetic, 30-minute workout! That's right: everyone's invited! All fitness levels and all martial arts experience levels from zero classes to forty years can come and have a good time getting the heart rate up to end your day right. Check our schedule page to plan your visit to our class. Just wear your exercise clothes and bring your great attitude; there's no obligation!