At Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness, we believe that there's a place here for everyone – and that includes adults wanting to learn or continue training in martial arts! Our distinct Adult Program launched in 2016 is specially designed with adult professionals and parents in mind. We were surprised to hear many adults tell us, "I always wanted to do this as a kid," or, "I'm too old to start now." There is a perception that martial arts is for young people or something you can only do if you start early. This is simply not true; martial arts is for everybody! Read on to learn the who, what, when, why, and how of reaping the benefits of NTKD's Adult Program.


Adult class at Neill's Academy

So who can benefit from martial arts? We might be a little biased, but we believe the answer is: everyone! (If you are interested in the specific benefits for kids and families, those with ADHD or other challenges, or any other specific group, feel free to browse the rest of our website or contact us!)

Our program has been meticulously designed and vetted to deliver results for a wide variety of goals, body types, experience levels, and schedules. We feel confident that no matter what your daily life entails, we can bring you all the benefits of martial arts! So what are these amazing benefits you will be reaping? Read on to find out!


Adults learn traditional and progressive martial arts

Okay, NTKD's Adult Program will fit my schedule, goals, and current fitness level. But what is it? Our program fuses the best aspects of both traditional and progressive martial arts to deliver a comprehensive training platform fit for adults of the 21st Century. In short, we take advantage of contemporary biological knowledge and self-defense techniques and blend it with tried-and-true traditional martial arts practices.

Those words sound great. What do they mean? At NTKD, we teach traditional Taekwondo with the ITF Forms. You will begin by learning the best and safest ways to punch, kick and block attacks. Learning and practicing proper technique of basics will preclude injury. You will learn to be more aware of your surroundings so that you can avoid or respond to dangerous situations in an appropriate manner.


Adults participating in the daytime adults-only class at NTKD.

We were hoping you'd ask! We realize that schedules are crazy for today's professionals and parents. That's why we've striven to provide class times that will work for anyone. Are you a lunchtime warrior? Need to get out of the office for an hour or grab your me-time while the kids are at school? No problem: three days a week, join your friends midday for a NTKD Adult Program class (and clean up afterwards in our locker room showers)!

Can't get away during the day? No problem! Get your workout in the evenings at one of our many family or adult program classes.

And don't forget that you can start your weekend right with a Friday evening class! Enjoy the rest of your weekend with the knowledge that you've already done your training and workout.

Check our schedule page to see just how easy it is to fit a NTKD class into your busy life!


Adults engaging in healthy, fun exercise at NTKD.

For centuries, martial arts has been recognized as a special type of exercise: one that combines aspects of mind, body, and spirit to produce a well-rounded person. Millions of people over the years have reaped the benefits of this all-in-one activity; benefits which include flexibility, strength, balance, emotional health, bone health, and more.

Some adults choose martial arts purely for the physical benefits. It's easier to keep up than going to the gym alone because of the community and camaraderie built in to the classes. Martial Arts class incorporates many forms of exercise that doctors and scientists are beginning to realize are very important to health, weight loss, and long life (for example: cardiovascular conditioning; resistance training; high intensity interval training; Tabata; yoga movements; balance and functional movement exercises are all regular parts of martial arts classes at NTKD).

Other adults find themselves more drawn to the relaxation and opportunities for "moving meditation" that the martial arts provide. Mindfulness is now becoming recognized by doctors as a very powerful method of reducing stress and improving the mind-body connection. This is a technique that has been employed by martial artists by centuries through concentrated practice. Take forty-five minutes from your day to let your NTKD instructor guide you through a class where you can forget the outside world and "recharge your batteries" by just enjoying working with your body and improving yourself physically and mentally.

But most adults, no matter what their reasons for beginning, choose to continue their martial arts training because of a combination of the above factors. Plus, it's just plain fun!


Having a great time at Neill's Academy!

So, have we convinced you that martial arts is the single best thing you can do to improve your life? Well, have we at least convinced you to try a single class? You can do that! Find us on the map (we are right in the heart of Chapel Hill off East Franklin Street) and use the form below to schedule your very first free private lesson with Master Neill (he's very friendly). Or call now to ask questions or schedule your lesson: 919-942-6622. We can't wait to see you in class! (You're going to look great in a uniform – everyone does!)

A membership with Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness is just $150 per month for one person. Our drop-in punch card classes run just $10 per class for non-members (members come free!). If you have interested family members, check out our family program page to see learn more about the benefits of family training and our outstanding family discount!

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