Martial Arts Birthdays

Leo the Ninja Turtle and Master Neill are ready to party!

Our exciting birthday parties are full of Taekwondo lessons, games, and heart-pounding play! Moms, Dads, and family can focus on the joy of the party while Neill's Family Taekwondo staff plan and lead all the fun and exciting activities. Your birthday kid will be the star of the show and be able to introduce their martial arts friend, Leonardo the Ninja Turtle or Po the Kung Fu Panda!

Whether they have lots of martial arts training or none at all, every kid will have a memorable birthday with Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness! If you have a special request or want to reserve your party time, contact us now!

Pricing and Details

Party at Your Place!

We come to you with mascot in tow (choose from Leonardo the Ninja Turtle or Po the Kung Fu Panda)! Just $100 with a $50 deposit 30 days in advance for one hour of party time. You get:

  • An awesome mascot of your choosing (Leo or Po) for high fives, hugs, and photos!
  • Taekwondo lesson: safe, fun, engaging and age-appropriate.
  • Taekwondo games: exciting games designed for all experience levels.
  • Birthday kid board break: the birthday boy or girl gets to break a plastic rebreakable board!

So Who's Leo/Po?

Miss Neill is great with kids!

When you choose a mascot for your awesome martial arts themed birthday party, never fear! Our accomplished junior black belt leader Miss Neill will play the part with convincing turtle-tude or panda power! Miss Neill is CPR certified and has lots of experience with kids, all the way down to her toddler little sister.

Leo or Po will be accompanied by one or more seasoned black belt instructors who will lead lessons and games for the partygoers.