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Guest Instructor

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Hire A Black Belt!

Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness is excited to offer this unique opportunity: have a black belt lead an exciting and fun workshop at your school or place of business! We have already visited countless school classes in and around Chapel Hill and Carrboro and we have a great experience every time! Our fun, relaxed, and interactive programs are perfect for your group! Contact us to schedule your black belt visitor.

Show and Tell

Having a great time as Black Belt for the Day at Show and Tell with Master Neill!

Is your child already a student at Neill's Taekwondo and Family Fitness? Did you know that Master Neill or another black belt instructor will visit your kid's classroom to help them show off their awesome taekwondo moves, confidence, and respectful attitude? See an instructor for an informational card to give to your child's teacher to arrange a Show and Tell demonstration with your kid as the star. As an added bonus, all your child's classmates will receive a special gift!

Black Belt Led Workshop and Demonstration

Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness has been sending black belt instructors and demo teams to local after schools for years and now your group or program can participate, too! Your group will see and hear first hand how martial arts benefits all. Self-defense, respecting others, gaining self-confidence, and maintaining fitness are all topics that can be covered at your workshop demonstration. Then let your group get in on the act with an interactive lesson led by an outstanding black belt instructor! Anyone from kids groups to adult programs can get something out of this fun, safe, and exciting workshop! Just contact us to discuss your goals for your group's black belt workshop and demonstration.

Teambuilding Exercises

Tired of trust falls and personality tests? We guarantee that our safe, exciting, and unique martial arts based teambuilding workshop will bring the best out of your team! See how the core tenets of taekwondo (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and an indomitable spirit) combined with the calming introspection characteristic of the martial arts can influence your employees and your corporation as a whole. Invite a black belt to your office (or come to us!) to lead an unforgettable exercise in using your body to meditate, working and playing together with your coworkers, expanding problem-solving skills, and learning new methods of communication. Contact us now to schedule your teambuilding event!

Self-Defense Seminars

For over a decade, Neill's Family Taekwondo and Fitness has been helping people stay safe and happy through a combination of martial arts skill development, heightened self-confidence, and instruction on safety and dangerous scenarios. Now you and your group or program can benefit too! Schedule a self-defense seminar at your location or ours and learn not just the most effective and efficient self-defense techniques but the mindset behind becoming a safer, less fearful individual. Each seminar is tailored to your specific group or goals and is perfect for companies, schools, community groups, and more. Contact us now to schedule your self-defense seminar led by one of our martial arts professionals with over twenty years' experience and black belts in multiple styles.